Randox Testing Services offers a comprehensive substance misuse policy review service to help employers evaluate, or modify any relevant policies that are already in place. This service offers practical advice, guidance and support in composing a substance misuse policy and includes advise on how to introduce employee testing in the workplace.

What is a Substance Misuse Policy and How Should it be Written?

A substance misuse policy is a written document which outlines company expectations of drug and alcohol consumption at work as well as company rules, regulations, testing procedures and disciplinary procedures. As an important document providing employees with the knowledge of company standards and outlining drug and alcohol testing procedures, it is vital that it is written in a comprehensive manner that employees will be able to understand.

Legal compliance is also a factor in the importance of this document; a substance misuse policy is required by employers who want to carry out workplace drug and alcohol testing. This is to ensure employees are well informed of the existence of drug and alcohol testing in their place of work, and that their rights are maintained. It is important that a company’s substance misuse policy is written correctly to ensure it is legally viable should there be an industrial tribunal as a result of an incident involving drugs or alcohol, or perhaps an employee tribunal as a result of positive testing for drugs and alcohol.

How Can We Assist You in Reviewing a Substance Misuse Policy?

Our full policy review service offers assistance in modifying a new or existing policy. We provide guidance and support in ensuring a robust written document which allows you to expertly communicate to your employees, your company’s approach to drugs and alcohol.

Our confidential policy review service provides assistance to employers with an existing substance misuse policy. With this service we help you to modify your existing document to ensure it is legally viable and can withstand challenge in court.

To complement our policy review service we provide training and education to help you effectively communicate your new substance misuse policy to all employees and management.

Benefits of our substance misuse policy review service

    • Extensive expertise
    • Impartial and independent advice
    • A range of supporting literature
    • Management and staff training
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