Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) (or legal highs) are synthetic versions of illegal drugs which have been modified and labelled so they are not subject to any regulation or oversight. This means they have properties and effects similar to a hallucinogen or narcotic but have a slightly altered chemical structure to evade restrictions against illegal substances. They are generally stronger than the original substances and are sold under innocent names such as bath salts, incense, or plant food.

At Randox testing Services, we provide an array specifically designed to detect designer and synthetic drugs.

    • Bath Salts 1 (MDPV)

    • Bath Salts 2

    • Benzylpiperazines

    • Phenylpiperazines 1

    • Phenylpiperazines 2

    • Synthetic Cannabinoids 1

    • Synthetic Cannabinoids 2

    • Synthetic Cannabinoids 3

    • Synthetic Cannabinoids 4

Randox Testing Services also test for Creatinine which is a simple method of testing the authenticity of the sample given and reducing false-negative results in urine testing for drugs of abuse.

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