Randox Testing Services utilises discreet and non-invasive methods of drug testing for patient comfort and fast sample collection. Offering a choice of a urine test, hair drug test, saliva drug test, or a combination of tests, our drug testing methods ensure the possibility for short-term drug abuse profiling as well as long-term drug abuse profiling. With different drug testing methods having different windows of drug detection, we can provide advice on which methods to utilise depending upon your drug testing requirements. This ensures the best method or combination of methods is chosen to ensure all of your needs are met.

Saliva Drug Test

An oral fluid test offers short-term drug abuse profiling with an instant-2 day detection window for the screening and confirmatory analysis of drugs. As a popular method of drug testing, a saliva drug test offers reliable detection of drug abuse. This is due to the significant level of local absorption which occurs in the oral cavity after intake of drugs, and the high concentrations of drug components which maintain in the oral cavity after drug consumption.

An oral fluid test is conducted by taking a sample of saliva from between the donor’s cheek and gums. As a fast and simple collection method able to be carried out by a sample collector, a saliva drug test offers a method less prone to contamination and tampering.

    A saliva drug test is commonly used…

    • After an incident where drugs are suspected to have been the cause i.e. post-incident testing in the workplace, or as a result of criminal activity where drug use is suspected
    • At a time where someone is believed to be under the influence of drugs i.e. for-cause testing in the workplace, or police cases where a driver is suspected to be under the influence

Urine Drug Test

A urine drug test offers short-term drug abuse profiling with a 4 hours and up to 8 days detection window. For regular cannabis users this is extended to around 30 days. Analysed to detect traces of drugs, a urine sample is most commonly used to detect recent illegal and therapeutic drug use. It is considered a non-intrusive method as sampling is not observed; however a strict chain of custody procedure is followed to ensure no adulteration of the sample.

A urine sample can also be utilised for detecting alcohol consumption.

Hair Drug Test

A hair drug test offers long-term drug abuse profiling with a detection window of 90+ days, the longest detection window of all sample types. Drug metabolites enter the hair strand from the bloodstream approximately 7-10 days from the time of drug consumption. As a result a hair drug test is a good method for obtaining a person’s drug history.

The analysis of a hair strand sample is a very accurate and effective method for identifying individuals with drug abuse problems. Growing at a rate of approximately 1cm per month analysis of a hair strand sample will detect if and approximately when someone has consumed drugs. The standard procedure is to test a hair sample measuring 3cm to obtain a 90-day history of drug abuse. Hair from the body can be utilised in special circumstances to provide an extended window of detection of approximately 1 year.

A hair strand can also be utilised for detecting alcohol consumption.

Combination of methods

To enhance the time line of drug detection, a urine test, hair drug test, and saliva drug test can be used in combination; this is beneficial in providing a historical view of an individual’s drug history, as well as identifying an approximate time for their most recent consumption of drugs.

Benefits of Our Drug Testing Methods

    • Choice of testing methods to guarantee all of your testing needs are met
    • Expert advice on which method/s to utilise
    • Fast turnaround time of results
    • Confirmation testing of presumptive positive results
    • Strict chain of custody procedures to limit tampering of samples


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