Why Test For Drugs?

Drug abuse can have serious ramifications for a person, business or family. Aside from legal consequences, drug abuse can have a huge impact on the personal life of the user, their family, and their friends. As a result drug testing may be required for numerous reasons across a variety of sectors including the general public, family law and workplaces.

Drug Screening for the General Public

Peace of mind testing may be sought if a loved one is suspected of using drugs. Our drug screening procedure is safe and secure, ensuring patient confidentiality throughout the process.

Family Law Drug Testing

Testing for drug abuse may be required in family court cases regarding child custody. With child protection being of utmost importance in such cases, our reputation as a trusted provider ensures confidence in results is guaranteed. In addition, with a fast turnaround for family law cases, our substance abuse testing means you will get accurate results in a timely fashion.

Workplace Drug Testing

Bad publicity, fines and legal ramifications often mean employers are proactive in ensuring workplace testing policies are in place; especially in industries where there is a higher risk of safety to customers and employees (Aviation, Construction & Manufacturing etc.). As a result, workplace testing may occur in the form of random testing, a result of an incident or arise out of suspicion that an employee may be using drugs. Our drug testing solutions ensure effective management of substance misuse in the workplace with tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Our Drug Testing Services

Randox Testing Services offers high quality drug testing with use of our revolutionary Biochip Array Technology specifically optimised for drugs of abuse testing. This technology allows multiplex testing of different drugs from one sample and offers test consolidation for comprehensive testing at an affordable price.

Drugs We Test For

With a comprehensive drugs of abuse test menu, we are able to test for over 50 different drugs including commonly abused drugs, illegal drugs, therapeutic drugs, and designer and synthetic drugs. Drug testing packages can be customised to include multiple different drugs to test per sample.

Drug Testing Methods

Our drug testing methods ensure fast and simple sample collection. We have a variety of non-invasive methods for patient comfort including use of a urine sample, hair strand, or oral fluid (saliva) sample to test for specified drugs. Utilisation of different testing methods also ensures flexibility of drug abuse profiling with the ability to offer short-term drug abuse profiling (via oral fluid testing and urine tests), long-term drug abuse profiling (via hair drug tests) or a combination of both.

Benefits of Randox Testing Services

    • 30 years’ experience in the diagnostics industry
    • Reliable and accurate testing methods
    • High quality testing and result reporting

Randox Testing Services also provide alcohol testing to determine recent or excessive alcohol consumption.

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