Our comprehensive expert witness service provides expert witness reports for use as evidence in a court of law. As trusted industry experts Randox Testing Services’ staff are trained to act as expert witnesses in court proceedings involving drug and alcohol testing. Our experienced team of reporting scientists has undergone extensive expert witness training from Bond Solon to provide professional witness statements or fully written reports for use as evidence in court proceedings. Where required, a senior toxicologist from Randox Testing Services can attend court proceedings in person to provide an expert witness statement.

What is an Expert Witness Report?

An expert witness report is a document providing a detailed outline of the drug and alcohol testing procedure followed and an interpretation of the results found. It is used as objective evidence in court and provides a detailed explanation of whether or not substances tested for were detected as well as information regarding chain of custody compliance.

Who May Require an Expert Witness Report?

Expert witness reports are required for court proceedings where drug and alcohol testing has been involved. A report may be required for use by employers in industrial tribunals or by family law solicitors in care proceedings.


Employers who carry out workplace drug and alcohol testing may require an expert witness report for various reasons. Evidence may be required for use in an industrial tribunal regarding an incident where drugs and alcohol is believed to be the cause. In addition, it may be required for use in an employee tribunal relating to disciplinary action as a result of a positive test for drugs and alcohol.

Expert witness reports prove or disprove the use of drugs and alcohol. Written by our scientific experts the report outlines whether correct chain of custody procedures were followed and ensures employee rights are maintained by removing bias and guaranteeing confidence in results. In addition, employer integrity is maintained with the use of third party reporting to ensure a legal standpoint in court proceedings.

Family Law Solicitors

Drug and alcohol testing may be required and ordered by a family court to prove or disprove the use of drugs and alcohol by a parent or guardian involved in a custody battle or child protection case. The sensitive nature of such cases requires complete confidence in results; outcomes have life-changing consequences for all involved and wrongful conclusions can result in unjust separation of a parent and child, or could increase the risk to a child’s safety.

As a result, family law solicitors or social services may require an expert witness report for use in care proceedings relating to a dispute over the custody of children, or an issue concerning child protection. An expert witness report ensures non-biased and factual evidence for use in family court and guarantees confidence in results by ensuring sample integrity has been maintained throughout the testing process. In addition strict chain of custody procedures guarantees donor confidentiality which is vital in family court care proceedings.

Benefits of Our Expert Witness Service

    • Professional and objective evidence suitable for use in court
    • Non-biased interpretation of results found
    • Information and advice from experienced scientists to ensure full knowledge and understanding of results
    • Reports tailored to suit the relevant court as directed by our client
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