Drug and alcohol abuse profiling is often required in police forensic cases to determine current or recent use of drugs and alcohol, as well as obtaining a historical overview of a person’s substance misuse history. Cases where drug and alcohol testing may be required include occasions where a driver is suspected of drink driving or being under the influence of drugs; to identify if drugs or alcohol contributed to a crime; for cases involving assaults, sexual offences and murder; and to detect drug and alcohol consumption in deceased persons, whether to determine cause of death, or for long-term assessment to help establish their lifestyle.

Forensic Toxicology

Randox Testing Services for Police Forensic Toxicology

Accurate and precise results

At Randox Testing Services we understand the importance of concise, comprehensive and reliable testing, recognising that complete confidence in results is vital. Forensic toxicology cases rely on evidence to analyse and conclude criminal activity. We pride ourselves on quality and performance, and offer highly accurate and reliable drug and alcohol testing. As a trusted provider of forensic toxicology testing, we provide drug and alcohol testing services to over half of police forces in the UK. We have also worked closely with the UK Home Office and other government agencies to develop a range of tests to facilitate the introduction of new drug driving legislation.

Flexible testing

We offer flexible testing solutions to meet the requirements of testing for a wide range of criminal activity. Our testing methods can analyse a variety of sample types including breath, urine and oral fluid as well as blood, stomach contents and vitreous humour. In addition we offer a comprehensive drugs of abuse test menu to ensure coverage of a wide range of drugs including commonly abused drugs, illegal drugs, therapeutic drugs, and designer and synthetic drugs. Our innovative Biochip Array Technology allows multiple drugs to be tested from one small sample to provide test consolidation and cost savings.

Legally defensible testing

To ensure legally defensible testing sample collection is carried out by security vetted collection officers, and analysis conducted by a team of scientists with many years of experience in forensic toxicology. Throughout the process strict
chain of custody procedures are followed to maintain sample integrity from sample collection to result reporting; this is extremely important in guaranteeing true results. In addition we provide a medical review service to discover any legitimate medical reasons for positive results and provide confirmatory testing of positive results to eradicate false reporting.

Careful documentation

Forensic toxicology cases require careful documentation at every step of the process and evidence that chain of custody procedures were followed. Our expert witness service provides clear and concise expert witness reports to provide a non-biased overview of the testing procedure followed and detailed interpretation of results for use as evidence in court. If required, one of our senior toxicologists can attend a court proceeding in person to provide an expert witness statement.

Point of care products

We provide a range of point of care products specifically designed to test for drug abuse or alcohol misuse. Beneficial for immediate results, our selection of user friendly devices and instant test kits include, Intoximeters Breathalysers for alcohol breath testing, as well as urine test kits and oral fluid test kits.

Benefits of Randox Testing Services

    • Trusted supplier of forensic toxicology services to UK police forces
    • Quality and performance paramount throughout all processes
    • Experienced partner with government agencies
    • Unbroken chain of custody procedures with strictly vetted staff
    • A range of high quality products for immediate results
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