Our comprehensive medical review service offers independent and expert examination of positive results under medical confidentiality. As a cause for concern, positive results are recognised as a serious issue in all areas of drug and alcohol testing be it employee testing or testing carried out for family law issues. Due to the huge ramifications a person can face as a result of a positive test result it is vital that any legitimate reason for a positive result is sought.

What is a Medical Review Report?

A medical review report provides a detailed analysis of results to determine if there is a legitimate medical reason for positive results. Performed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO) the assessment involves analysing a donor’s medical background to determine if, for example, a donor is taking or has taken in the recent past any prescriptive medication that may have affected results.

Our medical review service ensures confidence in results by eradicating any wrongful conclusions being made while helping to protect the rights of the person being tested and the person requiring the testing.

Who May Require a Medical Review Report?

A medical review report may be required by employers or family law solicitors involved in toxicology cases.


Employers who carry out workplace drug and alcohol testing should avail of medical review services to ensure employee rights are protected. A medical review of positive test results ensures employees aren’t wrongfully accused of drug abuse, and protects employers by maintaining their integrity and ensuring they are doing the right thing by their employees. In addition, employers are protected from claims of wrongful disciplinary actions which could result in an industrial tribunal.

Family Law Solicitors

Family law solicitors involved in care proceedings must take seriously the consequences of a parent or guardian testing positively for drugs or alcohol. The wrongful conclusion of a positive result could lead to child parent separation for those involved in a custody battle or child protection case and unnecessary stress and anguish. A medical review protects the rights of all involved and ensures trust in the legal sector is maintained by determining legitimate reasons for a positive result while eradicating false conclusions from being made.

Benefits of Our Medical Review Service

    • Independent and expert examination of positive results under medical confidentiality
    • Protects the rights of the person being tested and the person, organisation or professional body requiring the testing
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