Randox Testing Services provides drug and alcohol testing for a variety of sectors including business, family law and child services.

  • Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

    We provide workplace drug and alcohol testing to various different industries including aviation, construction and manufacturing, emergency services, maritime, recruiters, transport, and utilities. We offer flexible testing solutions with availability of different types of workplace testing including pre-employment screening, random testing, for-cause testing, and post-incident drug and alcohol testing. In addition we can provide expert witness reports for use as third party evidence in an industrial tribunal.

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  • Family Law and Child Services

    We provide drug and alcohol testing to family law professionals including family law solicitors and social services involved in care proceedings and child protection cases. Our testing solutions provide high quality testing and accurate results, and are flexible with various testing methods available to provide short-term or long-term substance abuse profiling. In addition we can provide expert witness reports for use as professional evidence in the family court.

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