Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

At Randox Testing Services we offer an accurate and reliable drug and alcohol testing service. With the support of over 200 scientists, our testing solutions offer the highest degree of accuracy and precision

In order to further support our customers we also offer a series of support services including policy review, training and educational seminars, expert witness reporting and medical review services.

  • Alcohol Testing

    Our alcohol testing solutions offer extensive testing to determine an individual’s current level of blood alcohol content, or for alcohol abuse profiling by assessing samples for recent, chronic or excessive alcohol consumption. This is possible by using a variety of different methods and sample types which can be chosen by you depending upon your testing requirements.

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  • Drug Testing

    Our drug testing solutions offer accurate and reliable drug testing which can be tailored to your needs. Using our revolutionary Biochip Array Technology, optimised for drugs of abuse testing, we ensure precise results and offer the flexibility to test for multiple drugs from one small sample. With the most comprehensive drugs of abuse test menu on the market.

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  • Point of Care Testing

    We provide a range of point of care products to enable you to carry out drug and alcohol testing on-site. These can be used for instant results at point of collection and include a variety of breath testing products for alcohol testing, and urine and oral fluid testing products for drug testing.

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Support Services

Alongside our drug and alcohol testing services we provide a range of services to guarantee complete and comprehensive testing solutions to meet your needs.

  • Medical Review Service

    Our medical review service offers independent and expert examination of positive results to determine any legitimate medical reasons for the result. This service is used by customers from all sectors including business and family law. It involves a medical review officer examining results alongside the individual’s medical history, and ensures complete confidence in positive results.

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  • Training and Education

    Our training and education programmes aim to increase the awareness of drugs and alcohol. Generally this service is used by employers to provide training and education to their management team on how to identify signs of substance abuse, as well as increasing their own awareness of substance abuse in the workplace. We also offer chain of custody training to allow employers to conduct their own sample collection and testing on-site.

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  • Expert Witness Report

    We provide expert witness reports for use as professional and objective evidence in court. This is often required by business owners involved in an industrial or employee tribunal and family law solicitors involved in court cases relating to child protection. Our expert witness reports are written by our scientific experts and provide a detailed summary of the test procedures followed

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