Randox Testing Services provides worldwide drug and alcohol testing solutions. With a fast turnaround time and testing at a competitive price, our testing solutions are guaranteed to meet your needs.


  • We are experienced

    Randox Testing Services provides high quality testing and draws from over 35 years’ experience in the diagnostic industry from its parent company Randox Laboratories . In addition we have experience working with clients across a variety of sectors including family law and corporate business.

  • We are trusted

    We are a trusted supplier of drug and alcohol testing services to customers within the workplace and family law sectors.

    Our forensic scientists recently been worked with the Home Office to help shape new drug driving laws and the tests needed to enforce it. Our experts have also been relied upon by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to assist with a ground-breaking investigation into legal highs .

  • We are reliable

    We go the extra mile to provide outstanding service to our customers, and ensure the confidentiality and integrity of samples and their donors by following strict chain of custody procedures. Inclusion of our medical review service provides confidence in the accuracy and validity of results to ensure sample donors are protected from wrongful conclusions.

  • We are flexible

    With a wide range of services and testing methods available we can tailor testing solutions to meet your needs. In addition, with a comprehensive drug of abuse test menu and use of our revolutionary Biochip Array Technology, allowing multi-analyte testing from one small sample, we can tailor a bespoke test menu to suit your testing requirements.

  • We offer a comprehensive drugs of abuse test menu

    Our of drugs of abuse test menu includes alcohol, commonly abused drugs, illegal drugs, therapeutic drugs, and designer and synthetic drugs. Our drug and alcohol testing can be tailored to your needs, with as many tests as deemed necessary.

    Please view our full test menu for more information.

  • We offer the complete package

    Our drug and alcohol testing services are inclusive of sample collection as well as legally defensible confirmatory reporting. In addition, our range of products enables instant drug and alcohol testing that can be used and interpreted on-site. These include urine and oral fluid devices for drug testing, as well as a hand held range of breathalyser devices for alcohol testing.

    To ensure holistic testing solutions to suit your needs, we provide a range of services. These include training and education and consultancy to provide businesses with the guidance and support they need to implement drug and alcohol testing; a medical review service to ensure legally defensible results required for court; and, expert witness reports for use in industrial tribunals and family court proceedings.

    Guaranteed to suit the needs of those from the sectors of family law and business, we can tailor packages upon a free consultation with one of our experienced sales advisors.

    Please contact us to find out more.