Randox Testing Services provides workplace drug and alcohol testing for a variety of industries.

  • Aviation Industry

    We provide drug and alcohol testing for all personnel within the aviation industry to ensure the safety of all air passengers and cargo.

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  • Emergency Services

    With ultimate responsibility of the general public being at the hands of emergency services, testing for drug and alcohol abuse reduces the chances of serious incidents occurring.

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  • Recruiters

    Drug and alcohol testing to screen prospective employees helps recruitment agencies to minimise the risks for their business clients. This is particularly important when recruiting for safety critical roles.

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  • Transport Industry

    Testing commercial vehicle drivers and public transport drivers for drugs and alcohol maintains the safety of employees as well as public road users.

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  • Utilities Industries

    Jobs across the utilities industries can be physically demanding, and have a high safety risk associated. Conducting employee testing minimises risks by ensuring a productive and focused workforce.

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