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Medico-Legal Drug & Alcohol Testing

Randox Testing Services offers high quality drug and alcohol testing for the medico-legal industry through the use of our revolutionary Biochip Array Technology, specifically designed for drugs of abuse testing. This patented technology allows for multiplex testing of different drugs from one sample and offers consolidation for comprehensive testing at an affordable price.

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Sample Types

We utilise discreet and non-invasive methods of drug testing for comfort and fast sample collection. Offering a choice of urine test, hair test, or a combination of both, our drug testing methods ensure the possibility for short-term and long-term drug abuse profiling.


We provide drug and alcohol testing for professionals in the medico-legal industry. Our testing procedures ensure your needs are met, from the moment you submit an enquiry to result reporting.

Drugs We Test For

At Randox Testing Services we test for a wide range of drugs of abuse. Our different panels highlight the vast range of substances we are capable of testing for, across both instant testing kits and back to lab panels.

Chain Of Custody

Chain of Custody refers to the system of controls governing the collection, processing and storage of samples. These controls reduce the potential for samples to be accidently or maliciously tampered with and guarantee that results reported by the laboratory originate, beyond doubt, from a particular donor.

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