Sample Types

Randox Testing Services utilises discreet and non-invasive methods of drug testing for patient comfort and fast sample collection. Offering a choice of a urine test, hair drug test, saliva drug test or a combination of tests, our drug testing methods ensure the possibility for short-term and long-term drug abuse profiling. With different drug testing methods having different windows of drug detection, we can provide advice on which methods to utilise depending upon your organisation’s drug testing requirements. This ensures the best method or combination of methods is chosen to ensure all of your needs are met.

Urine – Drug & Alcohol Testing

Urine is the most common sample type for drug and alcohol testing. Simple and practical to obtain, it offers short-term drug abuse profiling. Urine samples are most commonly used to detect recent illegal and therapeutic drug use. It is considered non-intrusive and sample collection is not observed.

How it works:

Once a drug is consumed, the end product looks much different once it has been passed through the body. Drugs enter the body in psychedelic form and come out as a metabolite. A urine test is able to detect the metabolites and deliver a confirmatory report indicating their presence though drug-protein conjugates. Tests can be conducted instantly, or samples can be collected and send to our laboratory for more in-depth analysis.

Detection window:

Drugs: 4 hours – 8 days (30 days for regular cannabis users)

Alcohol: <12 hours

Oral Fluid – Drug Testing

Oral fluid testing analyses a saliva sample for parent drugs and their metabolites. Providing analysis of short-term drug abuse, an oral fluid test is used for-cause testing and post-incident testing with results detectable 30-60 minutes after ingestion.

How it works:

An absorbent collection swab is placed in the mouth between the cheek and gums. Drug metabolites then react with absorbent testing strips to produce a result. Oral fluid tests can be conducted instantly or samples can be collected and sent to our laboratory for more in-depth analysis.

Detection window:

Drugs: 24 – 48 hours after consumption (drug dependent)

Breath – Alcohol Testing

Breath can be tested for alcohol using handheld devices which provide immediate results. These devices are specific to alcohol and can gauge blood alcohol content (BAC) by measuring deep lung air. This type of testing can accurately determine whether a person has recently consumed alcohol or is currently over the legal or pre-determined limit. These instruments are simple to use, accurate and robust and have a variety of functions including the ability to test passive, direct or liquid samples as well as breath expelled into a container.
Randox Testing Services use Intoximeters breathalysers which are Home Office Approved. They are legally defensible and designed to meet the unique and rigorous requirements of evidential breath.

How it works:

When alcohol is consumed it is absorbed into the bloodstream. When the blood reaches the lungs a small amount of alcohol (in proportion to the concentration in the blood) transfers into the alveoli. This is then passed out of the body when the person exhales. A breathalyser is then able to measure this concentration and give a reading.

Hair – Drug Testing

A hair drugs test offers a longer window of detection than alternative testing and provides a detailed month-on-month view or overall picture of drug use. This can highlight trends of drug use, suggest abstinence or show evidence of use depending on the length of the hair sample. Our hair testing services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.

How it works:

When a drug is taken it is absorbed by the blood and taken around the body. As the hair grows, drugs from the blood supply are incorporated in the hair follicle. Once the sample has been collected it can be analysed to detect the presence of parent drugs and their metabolites.

Detection window:

Typically up to 90 days using a 3cm sample (1cm of head hair = 1 month detection).

Body hair can be used to provide an extended window of up to 1 year.

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