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Professional Training Services

Randox Testing Services offer professional training services to ensure efficient implementation of workplace drug and alcohol testing. The training services confirm employer confidence to carry out workplace drug and alcohol testing and management competence in enforcing the process. There are a range of tailored training programmes to educate employers and their management staff.

All training courses are fully recorded, regularly reviewed and include an assessment of the effectiveness of training. Upon completion all attendees are granted a Certificate of Attendance at the end of each completed training course.

Drug & Alcohol Management Awareness Training

Drug and alcohol awareness training aims to provide managers and supervisors with an understanding of drugs, alcohol and a practical knowledge of substance abuse in the workplace. Our drug and alcohol management training is beneficial in providing management with the knowledge to identify the signs of drug abuse or alcohol misuse and helps to recognise abuse issues before workplace incidents occur.

Each programme is designed and tailored to your individual organisation with key areas including:

  • Overview of different types of drugs
  • Signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse
  • The impact of drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace
  • Legal implications for the employer
  • Workplace substance misuse policy implementation
  • Different sample types used for testing
  • How our chain of custody procedures work

Collection Officer & Chain of Custody Training

Collection officer and chain of custody training allows employers to conduct their own sample collections on-site with the same accuracy and precision as a Randox Testing Services collector. Integrity, confidentiality and traceability of samples are maintained. Chain of custody training is essential for those wishing to conduct their own sample collection as it ensures procedures used are able to withstand legal cross-examination.

Key areas of Collection Officer and Chain of Custody Training include:

  • Overview of different sample types and windows of detection
  • Detail of what chain of custody is
  • The role of a sample collection officer
  • How to prepare a collection site
  • How to correctly take an employee sample
  • Sample transportation
  • Interpreting results of employee tests

Educational Services

Randox Testing Services offer a range of educational services facilitating the implementation of workplace drug and alcohol testing. The programmes educate employers and employees on the benefits of employee testing as well as ensuring a competent management team are able to carry out the process.

Educational services offer a chance for the topic of drugs and alcohol to be discussed. This opens up a learning experience for both employers and employees. Employer and employee rights are maintained as a result of educational facilities by ensuring effective communication between employers, their management team and their employees.

Our educational services facilitate implementation of a substance misuse policy as well as maintaining the benefits of employee testing in the following ways;

Enhancing Legislative Knowledge among Employers

Employer knowledge of the laws and legislation surrounding drug and alcohol abuse is vital in ensuring legal compliance. Repercussions of workplace incidents related to drugs and alcohol can be costly for a company not only financially as a result of tribunals and legal fines, but in terms of brand damage. In addition with industry specific rules, regulations and various regulating bodies, employers need to keep up to date with legislation relevant to them within their specific industry.

With expert knowledge of the laws and legislation surrounding drug and alcohol abuse. Randox Testing Services will assist employers in developing and implementing a robust and legally compliant approach to workplace drug and alcohol testing.

Drugs & Alcohol Policy Advice

Our educational services develop and enhance employer knowledge of the rules and regulations governing their industry. In addition to this, advice regarding substance misuse policy documents is important to ensure employers are aware of how to write a legally viable document. This ensures smooth implementation of workplace drug and alcohol testing.

Developing an Awareness among Employees

Developing an awareness of drug and alcohol abuse among employees is an effective starting point to implementing employee testing. It is also an effective tool in answering queries of employees who currently undergo workplace drug and alcohol testing and communicates the dangers of drug and alcohol consumption at work.

Developing an awareness allows employees to realise the benefits employee testing has in minimising risks. Employer efforts in implementing a substance misuse policy, or continuing employee testing, can then be seen as advantageous with beneficial outcomes.

Educational Materials

Booklets and handbooks offer useful learning material which can be kept and referred to at a later date. At Randox Testing Services we provide bespoke booklets and handbooks tailored to your industry to ensure meaningful content which is engaged and useful to your company.

Keeping Employees & Management Informed

Keeping employees informed about the whole process is vital to maintaining trust between employer and employee. Whether it be the implementing of a substance misuse policy or changing an existing one it is important that employer employee relations are not damaged. It ensures all employees are well informed of what a substance misuse policy is, the process involved in carrying out testing and the disciplinary procedures which may result from positive tests. This is beneficial in ensuring employees confidently understand their role within the process and what a substance misuse policy means for business. Our assistance helps employers communicate to their management team and employees effectively the process and procedures involved.

Expert Witness Services

An Expert Witness Report is an interpretation of the results of a drug or alcohol test. It provides a detailed explanation of whether or not substances tested for were detected as well as information regarding chain of custody compliance and testing procedures.

As trusted industry experts Randox Testing Services staff are trained to act as Expert Witnesses in legal cases involving drug and alcohol testing. Our experienced team of Reporting Scientists have undergone extensive Expert Witness training to provide professional witness statements or fully written reports for use as evidence in a court of law or industrial tribunals.

Where required a Senior Toxicologist from Randox Testing Services can attend legal proceedings in person to provide expert witness testimony.

Medical Review Services

Our medical review service offers independent and expert examination of positive results under medical confidentiality.

A positive result from a drug and alcohol analysis is a cause for concern. However, there are some cases when there is a legitimate medical reason for the result. Our medical review service allows for the independent and confidential review of the result to determine the cause of a positive result, for example, if an employee is taking prescription medication.

The Medical Review Officer (MRO) assesses a positive result in the light of the donor’s medical background to determine if there is a legitimate medical reason for the result. The MRO helps protect both the rights of the employee being tested and the employer requiring the testing.

Reporting Services

At Randox Testing Services we offer customers access to our expertise through providing various reporting options to customers. These reporting services can be utilised in cases where extra clarity or examination is needed to investigate the outcome of a drugs test. These reports are utilised by workplaces as well as those operating within the medico-legal sector.

Policy Review

Randox Testing Services offers a comprehensive consultancy service to help employers create an effective substance misuse policy or conduct a policy review for existing documentation. Our consultancy service offers practical advice, guidance and support in composing a substance misuse policy and includes advice on how to introduce employee testing in the workplace.

A substance misuse policy is implemented by an employer to make employees aware of the expectations regarding drug use and alcohol intake, to inform employees of the health and safety risks of substance abuse at work, and to offer help and support to employees and management staff by providing a readily available reference document outlining the company’s policy.

Once the policy has been reviewed and any changes have been made, recommendations can be made as to how the service can be rolled out. This may take the form of a presentation from a Randox Testing Services representative explaining the changes and what they mean to all staff.

What should be in a Substance Misuse Policy?

A good policy should:

  • have clear aims and objectives
  • be applicable to all
  • refer to relevant legislation
  • show a commitment to education and training
  • include a section on confidentiality
  • provide clear definitions
  • offer advice on support
  • state the rules clearly
  • outline roles and responsibilities
  • include a disciplinary procedure
  • include a monitoring and review process

How can we assist in writing a Substance Misuse Policy?

Our full consultancy service offers assistance in creating or modifying a new or existing policy. Helping you to create a substance misuse policy we provide guidance and support in ensuring a robust written document which allows you to expertly communicate to your employees, your company’s approach to drugs and alcohol.

Our confidential policy review service provides assistance to employers with an existing substance misuse policy. With this service, we help you to modify your existing document to ensure it is legally viable and can withstand challenge in court.

Key Benefits

  • Extensive expertise
  • In-house policy review
  • Impartial and independent advice
  • A range of supporting literature
  • Management and staff training

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