The dangers of mixing medications

Danger of Mixing Medications

As we enter autumn, and winter / cold and flu season approaches more and more people will start taking medication(s) to fight their symptoms. What people don’t realise is that mixing any drugs together can seriously damage health. This applies whether the drugs are over the counter or a combination of legal and illegal.

Different drugs are designed to perform different tasks. For example, depressants such as alcohol, cannabis and opioids (painkillers) slow down the operations of the brain and body, whereas stimulants like cocaine and amphetamines accelerate heart rate and elevate blood pressure.

By mixing 2 like for like drugs, their effects can be enhanced in a dangerous and potentially uncontrollable way. This mix can increase chances of an overdose whilst also putting an increased strain on the body.

By mixing 2 different types of drug the body’s reaction is often completely unpredictable. Through doing this the respiratory, cardiovascular and central nervous systems are sent simultaneous, mixed messages which essentially causes chaos.

At this time of year, mistakes can be easily made when users do not realise they are consuming too much of a substance. For example; when paracetamol and flu remedies such as Beechams or Lemsip (which also contain paracetamol) are consumed at the same time, this can lead to an overdose of paracetemol going into the consumers system. This can cause drowsiness, nausea, vomiting and in more extreme cases comas. It is always important to consider what you are taking and identify any potential issues with mixing.

About Randox Testing Services

At Randox Testing Services we offer education and training to increase awareness regarding issues around substance misuse. Any sort of drug abuse, whether it is accidental or otherwise, can effect health and safety in the workplace.

As a drug and alcohol testing company working across a range of industries, it is important that we are able to advise our customers on how to identify and combat any potential issues. By offering training and consultancy we enlighten workplaces on dangers such as those highlighted above and work with them to implement effective workplace testing policies.

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