Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing

With the widespread availability of drugs and alcohol, there is an increased risk of substance abuse in the workplace leading to huge ramifications for a business and its employees. Jeopardising the safety of not only the user, but also their co-workers and in some cases the general public, it affects the whole business environment and puts those present at serious risk of harm.

Substance misuse (or abuse) is defined as the sustained use of any mind-altering substance. This includes legal substances like solvents and alcohol as well as illegal drugs. Substance misuse impairs an individual’s ability to perform normal, routine tasks, as well as affecting their ability to interact socially. Altering their behaviour, it can have a damaging effect on all areas of their life, with their workplace being no exception.

Testing Technologies

Randox Testing Services utilises discreet and non-invasive methods of drug testing for patient comfort and fast sample collection. Offering a choice of a urine test, hair drug test, saliva drug test or a combination of tests, our drug testing methods ensure the possibility for short-term and long-term drug abuse profiling.

Testing Technologies
Types of Testing

Types of Testing

We offer a wide range of testing to suit the needs of any company. Our complete testing solutions ensure that every company can be catered for, and our tailored packages include various types of testing that will ensure all your workplace testing needs are met.

Drugs We Test For

At Randox Testing Services we test for a wide range of drugs of abuse. Our different panels highlight the vast range of substances we are capable of testing for, across both instant testing kits and back to lab panels.

Drug training procedure


We provide drug and alcohol testing for a wide range of employers across various workplace industries. Our testing procedure ensures all aspects of your business requirements are met and enhance workplace safety of your employees.

Workplace Testing Sectors

We provide workplace drug and alcohol testing to various industries by offering flexible testing solutions with availability of different types of workplace testing.

Industry testing sectors

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