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Recruitment agencies are tasked with finding prospective employees for their clients. They are expected to recruit highly motivated, productive and diligent employees for their clients, and therefore the need to find the right person for the role is a priority.

Providing clients with candidates who abuse drugs and alcohol can damage a recruitment agency’s reputation, as well as causing damaging effects for employers who hire them.

Why Test?

As a recruiter you want to ensure you are placing the best candidates into available roles. By conducting pre-employment checks you can ensure the person you are placing is fit to work. Incidents in the workplace involving drugs and/or alcohol can be extremely detrimental and have huge ramifications for your client, the employer.

Incidents involving substance misuse in the workplace can have legal ramifications for an employer. As a legal duty, employers must ensure the safety of all employees at work, and must not knowingly permit the use of controlled substances on their premises. These results of these incidents can often be injury or harm to an individual or group of individuals. Often the company receives backlash from those involved, or indeed those who witnessed the incident, which can often lead to bad publicity and loss of integrity, causing detrimental effects to a company’s image.

We Recommend Regular Testing

All prospective employees should be tested for both drug abuse and alcohol misuse  to minimise the effects of substance abuse in the workplace. This is particularly important for applicants applying for safety critical roles.

As a recruiter you want to ensure you are taking all necessary steps to match the right candidate for the company. Through offering a pre-employment testing services you are adding an extra element to your service offering, creating greater peace of mind for your clients.

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