Types Of Testing

With bad publicity, fines, legal ramifications, industrial tribunals and health and safety risks being a result of the smallest incident of drug abuse or alcohol misuse, it is important for a company’s integrity that the appropriate steps are taken to minimise the risks.

Implementation of an effective substance misuse policy establishes employer rights to conduct workplace drug and alcohol testing if required. In addition it ensures aderence to the duty of care of an employer to protect their workforce and keep employees safe. There are a range of approaches available to complement your policy in order to ensure a safer working environment.

Our testing solutions ensure coverage of all types of employee testing, and meet the need of all businesses.

Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-employment screening for substance abuse is an increasingly common type of workplace testing. As an indicator of candidate suitability, it forms an essential part of a company’s recruitment process, and helps maintain the safety of its current employee workforce and business environment.


Determining whether a potential employee is involved in substance abuse requires a pre-employment medical to be conducted. As part of this process, you as the employer can choose the type of sample you wish to test, but consideration should be given to the detection windows for each sample. Our testing methods are non-invasive to ensure patient comfort, and include breath testing, oral fluid (saliva) testing, urine testing, hair testing, or a combination of these. In the case of pre-employment screening we recommend use of a hair strand test and/or urine test.

Throughout the process, we can provide support and guidance to ensure correct procedures are followed, including support in creating, or modifying, a new or existing workplace drug and alcohol testing policy.

Key Benefits

Pre-employment testing is one of the easiest programmes to implement

Testing applicants for use of drugs and alcohol ensures you employ the right people for your business, and is an effective way of preventing future issues such as absenteeism and decreased productivity

Pre-employment testing can help protect the integrity of a company by acting as an effective deterrent to prospective employees who abuse drug and/or alcohol

Random Testing

With knowledge that a test could be conducted with anyone at any time, random testing is the most effective deterrent of drug abuse or alcohol misuse among employees. Ensuring the integrity of staff across all levels, random testing can be conducted with employees at any level, from temporary employees to managers and directors.


The process includes ensuring a clear workplace drug and alcohol testing policy is in place. Employees should also be made aware that random drug and alcohol testing is carried out; this can take the form of a clear statement in an employee’s contract outlining that random testing can be conducted with little to no notice. Notification of this conforms to legislation whilst respecting employee rights.

Secondly, we will work with you to determine the percentage of your workforce you would like to test, and how often you would like testing to be carried out. Whilst we recommend random drug and alcohol testing should be performed at least quarterly, the decision is yours.

To avoid employee discrimination and to ensure testing is random, we use our random selection technology to eliminate bias and provide accurate random selections.

Finally, we will arrive to your workplace unannounced to carry out sample collections from the random selection of employees.

Key Benefits

Random testing is a deterrent for employees as they are aware they could be asked to undertake a test at any time

It is a convenient and easy way to maintain a safe working environment free from substance abuse

Employees are less likely to tactfully try to disguise results, or alter their habits, as they will be given little to no notice that a test is going to be conducted

Proven to reduce accidents, absenteeism, staff turnover and lateness among staff, random testing improves productivity within the workplace

Employees are less likely to feel singled out due to random selection

With-Cause Testing

With-cause drug and alcohol testing is conducted when there is suspected drug abuse or alcohol misuse in the workplace. Suspicion may arise as a result of the employee exerting signs of substance abuse, if an allegation has been made, if drugs or alcohol have been found within the workplace, or following an accident at work.

Under the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974), if an employer suspects an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they are legally required to take appropriate action to protect the safety of the employee concerned, other members of staff and the general public.


The nature of for-cause testing means that testing can be required ‘on-the-spot’. At Randox Testing Services, we offer a 24-hour call-out service which guarantees an experienced collection officer will arrive to your company within a maximum of 2 hours to perform a sample collection. This service is available 24/7, 365 days a year and complies fully with chain of custody procedures.

Key Benefits

Legal compliance with correct measurements being taken if an employee is suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Can deter employee misuse of drugs or alcohol due to a workplace testing policy being in place

Cost savings as a result of increased productivity with issues being discovered and rectified early

Post-Incident Testing

Post-incident drug and alcohol testing occurs after an accident or incident in the workplace to determine if drugs or alcohol may have contributed to the cause. Incidents include injury to an employee, assault of an employee by another member of staff or damage to property. If post-incident drug and alcohol testing is required, it is recommended that all employees involved are tested.


Incidents can occur at any time within the workplace. Our 24-hour call-out service guarantees sample collection within a maximum of 2 hours to ensure immediate testing in cases of workplace incidents. This service is available 24/7, 365 days a year and complies fully with chain of custody procedures.

Key Benefits

Safeguards the rights of employees and employers by proving or disproving if drugs or alcohol were a factor in an accident

Minimises the chances of a similar incident occuring

Abstinence Testing

Abstinence monitoring testing is conducted in circumstances where an employee, having tested positive for a previous drug or alcohol test, is monitored to ensure they remain abstinent from drug or alcohol misuse. It may also be conducted if an employee is returning to work from from a period of absence relating to substance abuse. This type of testing aids an employer in supporting the employee through their rehabilitation.


The process of abstinence monitoring is to provide employees with the support and opportunity to remain abstinent and continue successfully at work. At Randox Testing Services we offer tailored testing solutions to ensure your needs are met. In addition, we provide a consultancy service to help businesses introduce workplace drug and alcohol testing, including helping you to create, or modify an existing policy. A workplace testing policy is essential for testing to be conducted.

Key Benefits

Ensures that an employer is tackling and reducing the instances of substance abuse in the workplace

Shows support from an employer throughout an employee’s rehabilitation process

Increases employee morale and productivity

Helps prevent staff turnover by offering a second chance

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