Safer Drivers. Safer Roads.

Driving is a dangerous activity for all, with factors such as weather conditions and high traffic volume contributing to increase in road accidents. As a result, users have a responsibility to themselves and others to keep the road safe. Careless driving, a lapse in judgement or a slight delay in reaction can have fatal consequences.

As a professional driver, the responsibility to carry out daily tasks on roads safely and securely extends to not only themselves and fellow road users, but also for the safety of those using their service.

Why Test?

Workplace drug and alcohol testing ensures a proactive approach to keeping work related journeys as safe as possible. Professional drivers have a responsibility to service users to carry out their daily tasks safely and carefully.

As a public service employee or haulage driver, alcohol and drugs can:

  • Slow down reaction time by 10% to 30%
  • Reduce night vision by 25%
  • Significantly impair steering ability from as little as 0.035% blood alcohol content

Therefore, employers should specifically test employees if:

  • An employee is involved in an accident or serious incident at work
  • Behaviour of an employee gives cause for concern
  • An employee is being transferred to safety critical work post

Driving with excess alcohol:

  • A statutory minimum period of disqualification of 12 months
  • A fine (the normal fine for a basic drink drive offence is between £400 and £450)

Causing death by careless driving when under the influence of drugs or alcohol:

  • A maximum of 14 years imprisonment

Serious, including repeat, drink-drive offenders (Road Safety Act 2006):

  • Period of disqualification
  • Retake the driving test at the end of the disqualification period

We Recommend Regular Testing

Randox Testing Services believe it is the responsibility of public service providers, as well as employers who have on-the-road services, to undertake regular drug and alcohol testing to strive for safe work related journeys, whether on the road or trucks.

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