Policy Review & Advice

Randox Testing Services offers a comprehensive consultancy service to help employers create an effective substance misuse policy or conduct a policy review for existing documentation. Our consultancy service offers practical advice, guidance and support in composing a substance misuse policy and includes advice on how to introduce employee testing in the workplace.

A substance misuse policy is implemented by an employer to make employees aware of the expectations regarding drug use and alcohol intake, to inform employees of the health and safety risks of substance abuse at work, and to offer help and support to employees and management staff by providing a readily available reference document outlining the company’s policy.

Once we review your policy and any changes have been made, recommendations can be made as to how the service can be rolled out. This may take the form of a presentation from one of our account managers explaining the changes and what they mean to all staff.

What should be in a Substance Misuse Policy?


A good policy should:

  • have clear aims and objectives
  • be applicable to all
  • refer to relevant legislation
  • show a commitment to education and training
  • include a section on confidentiality
  • provide clear definitions
  • offer advice on support
  • state the rules clearly
  • outline roles and responsibilities
  • include a disciplinary procedure
  • include a monitoring and review process

How can we assist in writing a Substance Misuse Policy?

Our full consultancy service offers assistance in creating or modifying a new or existing policy. Helping you to create a substance misuse policy we provide guidance and support in ensuring a robust written document which allows you to expertly communicate to your employees, your company’s approach to drugs and alcohol.

Our confidential policy review service provides assistance to employers with an existing substance misuse policy. With this service, we help you to modify your existing document to ensure it is legally viable and can withstand challenge in court.

Key Benefits

  • Extensive expertise
  • In-house policy review
  • Impartial and independent advice
  • A range of supporting literature
  • Management and staff training

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