Importance of Alcohol Awareness in the Workplace

Alcohol Awareness in the Workplace

Alcohol Awareness Week takes place from the 14th – 20th November, bringing to light issues that occur as a result of alcohol misuse. Alcohol misuse (or any kind of substance abuse) is an issue that not only effects the user, but also their family, friends and workplace.

At Randox Testing Services we work with companies so they can implement effective workplace testing policies that will help them identify and combat substance abuse of any kind. This is designed to not only keep the workplace and stakeholder’s safe, but the abuser too. Responsible employers are taking action by introducing testing procedures and clear policies to ensure all staff are protected from the implications of substance misuse in the workplace. Throughout this week we will be looking at alcohol abuse and how our products and services can help combat this

Firstly, alcohol abuse involves someone sustaining excessive levels of alcohol and in order to identify the misuse of alcohol in the workplace employers need to be fully alert to the signs. Below are the signs that someone may display if they are misconducting & abusing alcohol:

  • Performance problems such as not meeting deadlines or slack in effort put into tasks
  • Decline of skills and a rise in personal problems
  • Employees being involved in or the cause of a health & safety risk / accident
  • Continuous Health problems and constant sick days
  • Excessive drinking habits at corporate events and binge drinking
  • Changes in physical appearance, psychological behaviour and a history of continuous problems

*The above signs are a guide only and cannot always be attributed to substance misuse

How can Randox Testing Service help?

It’s important to raise awareness of alcohol abuse in the workplace and to effectively do so employers should implement a workplace policy that will be the main resource for understanding the importance of substance misuse in the place of work.  We act in accordance to enable employers to have a sense of welfare among employees. We offer a range of different services to implement workplace safety through our Point of Care testing methods, offering employer’s advice, offering them training and educational programs.

Get in contact with us today to discover how we can help create a better working environment by keeping everyone employed aware & safe. Make sure to follow us on social media to see our updates throughout Alcohol Awareness Week.


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