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At Randox Testing Services we offer a range of modern alcohol testing solutions to meet your requirements, whatever the application.

To support your workplace drug and alcohol policy, we offer instant results through breath alcohol analysis, or for short or long term monitoring of alcohol abstinence or identification of chronic excessive alcohol consumption, we provide modern PEth testing and hair alcohol analysis for your Medicolegal and Family Law applications.

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Breath Alcohol Testing in the Workplace

Handheld breathalysers are an ideal device for conducting workplace alcohol testing. Quick and easy testing provides an instant readout of the donor’s breath alcohol measurement.  Simply compare the reading to the cutoff defined in your own drug and alcohol testing policy.

Breathalyser devices gauge blood alcohol content (BAC) by measuring deep lung air. This type of testing can accurately determine whether a person has recently consumed alcohol or is currently over the legal or pre-determined limit. Breathalyser calibrations are maintained in accordance with the manufacturers specifications and periodically accuracy checked to ensure results are accurate and reliable.

Did you know that alcohol misuse at work can?

  • decrease productivity
  • increase sickness and absenteeism
  • harm the reputation of the business
  • put employees and members of the public in unnecessary risk

At RTS we offer the choice of fully trained Collection Officers to conduct the testing on behalf of your company, or we can provide a range of certified training services that will allow a designated member of your staff to conduct the testing themselves.

Alcohol Abstinence Monitoring

Social Services or Family Law Courts may require claims of alcohol abstinence to be supported for Medicolegal purposes.

RTS offers two solutions to fulfil these requirements:

  1. PEth testing is best for the short-term assessment of drinking habits of up to 4 weeks previous.
  2. Hair alcohol testing is recommended for monitoring historical alcohol consumption (of up to 6 months previous).

PEth Testing

Phosphatidylethanols (PEth) is formed in the body when ethanol is consumed even in small doses, making it both a highly specific and sensitive test for monitoring alcohol consumption.  Combined with a very simple and convenient specimen collection process (a blood spot from a finger pricked with a lancet), means PEth testing has largely replaced the combined CDT and liver function tests traditionally used to garner information on alcohol consumption habits.  Measurement of PEth in blood is conducted to ISO/IEC17025 quality standard so you can be confident in accurate and reliable results.

Interpretation of results is straightforward.  Simply compare the PEth measurement against 3 tiers of increasing threshold to determine the extent of alcohol consumption over the past 4 weeks.

Hair alcohol testing

Whilst having high levels of accuracy, PEth offer a short-term window of analysis. If a longer period of analysis is required, we recommend the use of hair alcohol testing.

Head hair is the preferred specimen type used to establish a person’s history of alcohol consumption for up to 6 months, depending on the length of head hair available. However, body hair may also be used if head hair is not an option.

Measurement of the direct metabolites of ethanol, ethyl glucuronide (EtG) and the fatty acid ethyl ester, ethyl palmitate (EtPa) in hair is conducted in accordance with the most recent recommendations made by the Society of Hair Testing (SoHT) to ISO/IEC17025 quality standard.

Similar to PEth, results are compared to three tiers of increasing threshold to distinguish abstinence from repeated episodes of alcohol consumption up to chronic excessive alcohol consumption throughout the time period related to the length of hair examined.

How Randox Testing Services can help

At Randox Testing Services, we are pleased to offer a range of stand-alone alcohol tests or combinations of tests to meet your needs.

Whether for use in workplace settings or for use in court proceedings for medico-legal cases, our range of alcohol testing methods will provide you with accurate and reliable results at competitive prices.

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