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Case Study - Sugarman

Sugarman Occupational Health Services is one of the leading occupational health providers in the UK. A SEQOHS accredited organisation, Sugarman help companies resolve workforce health issues by addressing them professionally through absence management, rehabilitation, health surveillance and bespoke health and workplace well-being programmes.

As part of their comprehensive service, Sugarman offer drug and alcohol testing services when required to various organisations. In 2016,  Randox Testing Services sat down with Sugarman to begin consultations and discuss their specific requirements for drug and alcohol testing. From these discussions, it was clear that Sugarman had unique requirements that needed to be fully met to fulfil their occupational health obligation to their customers on a nationwide basis.

Randox Testing Services then began to devise an action plan that would ensure Sugarmans testing requirements were fully fulfilled, both on time and to budget. This required strategic planning across several different functions; including sales, operations, finance and logistics.

The purpose of collaboration across multiple functions was to ensure we could provide the best possible service to Sugarman. Although Sugarman operate across 13 locations nationwide, no testing was conducted on company premises. Therefore, we had to ensure that our collection network could cover the locations of all customers who utilise Sugarmans services. As a result, our collection network could meet these demands, with over 30 sites nationwide being subject to testing; our collection officers were available no matter the location.

Another key consideration for Sugarman was the type of testing to be carried out across their customer base. Due to the varied nature of their services, it was advised that they implement a wide range of testing. Taking this advice, they decided to carry out various testing types including random, with cause and pre-employment across a variety of matrices including oral fluid, urine and hair.

The vast array of samples and testing types meant we could conduct thorough testing for Sugarman and meet their requirements. In addition, we also supplied Sugarman with Point of Care testing kits. This allowed them to conduct testing in times when exceptional circumstances occurred. To allow this, we provided detailed user training for the required testing operatives.

To date, Sugarman have been delighted with our services,

“Often responding at extremely short notice to not only meet, but surpass our client expectations, with an always friendly and highly efficient service.”

By working in conjunction with Sugarman, our services have allowed them to conduct 1000 tests per year across the UK. In order to ensure continued safety within the occupational health sector, we are confident that drug and alcohol testing will have a positive impact and create a safe working environment for Sugarman’s staff and customers.

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