Dangers of Drugs and Alcohol on the road

Dangers of drugs & alcohol on the road

Driving is a dangerous activity for all, with factors such as weather conditions and high traffic volumes contributing to increase in road accidents. As a result, road users have a responsibility to themselves and others to keep the roads safe.

As a professional driver, the responsibility to carry out daily tasks on roads safely and securely extends to not only themselves and fellow road users, but also for the safety of those using their service. This, along with the fact that driving is one of the most dangerous work activities emphasises the need for driving in the workplace to be closely monitored.

It has been revealed that the majority of councils in the West Midlands do not carry out drug tests on taxi drivers. There was an inquest this week into the Belgrave Middleway tragedy which found out that taxi driver Imtiaz Mohammed had traces of cocaine in his system. A small amount of cocaine was in his system which the toxicologist believed was consumed within 12 hours previous to the crash.

Mr Mohammed was licensed by Sandwell Council who, despite introducing a new and stricter policy in October 2017, do not test drivers for alcohol or drugs.

Workplace drug and alcohol testing ensures a proactive approach to keeping work related journeys as safe as possible. Professional drivers have a responsibility to service users to carry out their daily tasks safely and carefully. As driving is the most dangerous work activity that most people do, employers must conduct suitable drug and alcohol testing through workplace policies to ensure that work related journeys are safe.

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Randox Testing Services believe it is the responsibility of Public Service providers, as well as all employers who have on-the-road services, to undertake regular drug and alcohol testing to strive for safe work related journeys whether on the road or tracks.

Randox Testing Services is a market leader in the drug and alcohol testing industry. We aim to educate and inform companies and customers about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace and socially.

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