Divorce has negative impact on UK businesses

Separation and divorce are having negative impact on employees
Separation and divorce are having negative impact on employees

Research commissioned by family law not for profit group Resolution has found that divorces are having a negative impact on UK workplaces.  The research was carried out to mark Family Dispute Resolution Week.

The research found that 15% of those surveyed admitted that either their separation or divorce has had a negative impact on their productivity at work.  One in ten people revealed they had to leave their jobs after a split or know a colleague who has done so.  16% of those surveyed said they have seen their workplace hit by sick leave as a result of the stress of a break-up on colleagues.

Despite these alarming figures only 10% of people feel their employers are offering satisfactory support to help employees going through a break up.  The survey revealed that 34% of people believe more should be done to provide support in the workplace for those going through a separation or divorce.

It has been estimated that divorce costs the UK economy £46bn every year, with the British Chambers of Commerce recently emphasising the link between employees’ wellbeing and business productivity.

The research for Resolution was conducted by ComRes which surveyed 4031 GB adults between 26th September and 2nd October 2014.

Source: http://www.resolution.org.uk/news-list.asp?page_id=228&page=1&n_id=253