Flexible Drug and Alcohol Testing Methods

Flexible Testing Methods

At Randox Testing Services our complete testing solutions include flexible drug and alcohol testing methods that can be tailored to meet our customer needs. In all aspects of testing we ensure the accuracy and reliability of results and utilise strict chain of custody procedures across all our testing methods.

To guarantee the most effective form of testing our dedicated Account Managers make informed recommendations to our customers on what type of testing best suits their business needs. The different methods are outlined below along with the sample types that can be tested:

Drug and Alcohol Testing Methods

  • Abstinence Monitoring

    Conducted as a follow up on a confirmed positive drug or alcohol test. If an employer provides support to an employee who has had a confirmed positive drug or alcohol test, this type of testing may be used to help with rehabilitation.

  • Post-Incident

    Used to determine if drugs or alcohol may have contributed to an accident/incident in the workplace. This type of testing can be an effective tool in accident investigations and it is our recommendation that should an incident occur, all employees involved should be tested.

  • Pre-Employment

    This is the most popular type of workplace testing especially in industries which have safety critical roles. This type of testing is an essential part of a company’s recruitment process and clearly states the company’s position on drug and alcohol misuse for any potential employee.

  • Random

    A popular type of testing within workplaces as it acts as a deterrent to drug and alcohol abuse. A company’s drug and alcohol testing policy should clearly outline that they carry out random workplace testing ensuring employees do not know when the event is planned.

  • With-Cause

    Performed when a company is suspicious that an employee may be currently under the influence of alcohol or misusing drugs. This suspicion is normally raised if an employee is acting out of character and there has been observed different behaviours.

Sample Types

  • Urine (Alcohol and Drugs)

    The most common sample type for drug testing and offers a longer detection window than oral fluid for drugs.

  • Oral Fluid (Drugs only)

    Oral fluid testing analyses a saliva sample for parent drugs and their metabolites, providing analysis of short-term drug abuse.

  • Hair (Alcohol and Drugs)

    A hair drugs test offers a longer window of detection than alternative testing and can provide a detailed view or overall picture of drug use. Detection window is based on hair length with 1cm of head equating to approximately 1 month of detection.

  • Breath (Alcohol only)

    Breath can be tested for alcohol using hand-held devices which provide immediate results. These devices can gauge blood alcohol content (BAC) by measuring deep lung air.

About Randox Testing Services

Randox Testing Services is a market leader in the drug and alcohol testing industry. Our expertise is relied upon by a range of leading safety-critical companies across the world.

We pride ourselves on helping our customers improve the health and safety of their working environment through helping them implement a comprehensive substance misuse policy. Our expertise within this industry allows us to craft customised packages to meet the testing needs of any workplace. Our drug and alcohol testing methods are flexible to adapt to any changes and our testing processes are accurate, to guarantee reliable results.

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