Growing Concerns over Alcohol & Drugs in Ireland

Concerns over Alcohol & Drugs Ireland

Over the last number of years, Ireland has continued to see a rise in the number of people suffering from alcohol and drug abuse. Between 2009 and 2015 reports show that over 56,000 people across the country searched for treatment concerning alcohol problems.

Research undertaken in Ireland showed that the majority of sufferers from alcohol abuse started consuming from the age of 16. On average individuals from the ages of 38 and 41 were the first to seek treatment and admit they had a problem. The harsh reality of alcohol abuse in Ireland is evidential as the world health organisation reported that alcohol is responsible for over 88 deaths per month and 1 in 4 of these deaths are young individuals from the age of 15-39.

It’s also a growing concern in the health and wellbeing of individuals as consuming large amounts alcohol can increase the risks of life threatening conditions such as liver and health disease. A prime example of this is that over 900 people are diagnosed with alcohol related cancers and over 500 people die each year according to the health research board. Alcohol and drug abuse also has a massive impact on the mental health of individuals, with findings showing that alcohol has a major impact on the number of individuals in Ireland taking their own lives.  Alcohol and drug abuse in Ireland is also one of the main reasons for the rise in homelessness across the country as the number of rough sleepers dependent on alcohol increased from 2009 – 2015 from 4-7.5%.

As well as alcohol, there is also a growing concern with the number of drug users across the country. Reports from the health organisation board revealed that the most popular drugs used across the country were cannabis and cocaine. In particular, cocaine use has risen and been described as a major challenge for Forensic Science Ireland. John Power, one of the organisations scientists stated that ‘Ireland has one of the highest rates of cocaine use among young people in Europe’.

The rate of recreational drug use in Ireland has major implications on the health of users. Most of the substances sold on the street contain substances added during the cutting process to hide the drugs purity, making them even more dangerous. One prime example of this is heroin. In Ireland, the heroin sold on the streets is usually ‘Mexican heroin’ which is brown and then diluted. The Ireland government is also aware that a lot of heroin sold on the streets may contain fentanyl which has only recently surfaced the streets of the UK and Ireland, but is a major problem in America. Fentanyl itself is an extremely powerful synthetic opioid which can effect breathing and in extreme cases user’s movement can be impaired.

How can Randox Testing Services help?

At Randox Testing Services we are at the forefront of alcohol and drug testing. We aim to spread the message of alcohol and drug misuse and the effects substance abuse can have on individuals and businesses.

Alcohol and/or drug consumption can be a danger to the person consuming the substances as well their family, friends and work colleagues. We work across a wide range of sectors within business and family law. Across these sectors there are huge ramifications of alcohol and drug abuse for all involved and the detection of positive results is crucial.

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