Temporary legal highs amnesty introduced in Manchester

Legal highs amnesty introduced

Many different Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) / legal highs that where once Lawful to purchase and take in the UK have now been named illegal. Back in May 2016 the Psychoactive Substances Act was introduced to make it illegal for any retailers or distributors to sell, supply or import Psychoactive Substances into the UK.

Throughout Greater Manchester an Amnesty has started to take place and will run from the 18th – 24th July 2016. This is for anyone in the UK who is in possession of any NPS that may cause harm to dispose of the substances. Many police forces are allowing retailers and distributors to hand in any stock which they still have during the days in which the amnesty is taking place. This is done at free will and will be done with no questions asked.

Many Police forces across the UK are aware of the impact these substances have and are happy to see the ban on the streets. Assistant Chief Constable Rob Potts stated that “Calling these drugs ‘legal highs’ gives a false impression to the public and puts people’s lives at risk”. Making these substances illegal and getting them off the street will benefit the lives of many.

Why the need for change?

The need for lawful changes in the UK comes from the negative impact NPS have on users. They have been linked to many deaths across the UK and have been described as highly addictive. The drugs have also been linked to medical conditions and have caused users to have seizures, heart problems, mental health issues and in some cases brain damage.

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