The need for Enforcement with Pre-Employment Testing

Need for employment for pre-employment testing

Safety at work is of paramount importance to employers and their employees. Without a safety conscious approach companies run the risk of their employees being unable to effectively carry out their daily responsibilities. In order to guarantee safety an ever increasing number of companies are engaging in Pre-employment testing. Pre-employment testing is defined as a series of tests and processes before someone begins new employment, with the aim to reduce the risk of alcohol and drugs being present on site and developing a reliable workforce.

Despite the increase in testing, prospective employees are finding ways of overriding the tests to ensure negative results. This scenario is more prevalent in parts of the United States, where several documented cases of manipulation and tampering have occurred. In one particular case an undercover investigation by a news station found that soon-to-be personnel were purchasing a product called Quick Fix Plus, which included a bottle of synthetic urine, a heating pad and a temperature strip; with the aim of falsifying results to pass drug and alcohol tests.

The falsification of tests can not only lead to a culture of lying within an organisation and question a company’s reputation, but also potentially leads to serious incidents with employees possibly being under the influence of illegal substances.

Representatives from large companies have warned employers to be on the lookout for a range of varying ploys that job applicants use to cheat drug tests, placing them at risk of negligent hiring lawsuits. They go further to state that applicants would try any means possible to overcome the test and produce a negative reading, ranging from trying rapid detoxing methods which include drinking high quantities of cranberry to pickle juice, herbal concoctions, and other digestive aids to cleanse the system, to other cases of pleading invasion of privacy.

About Randox Testing Services

Randox Testing Services incorporate cutting-edge screening methods to provide an outstanding Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing service. Our wide range of instant breath, urine and oral tests can eliminate many of the issues associated with pre-employment testing. In addition to the aforementioned tests we also offer a back to lab service, which enables us to carry out detailed and accurate hair testing services which rule out the chance of misrepresentation and can provide an accurate reading of substances potential employees have engaged with. A hair strand test is a good long-term indicator as it has a detection window of 90 days, meaning that with a growth rate of approximately 1cm per month, a 3cm sample can provide a longer analysis of potential substance abuse.

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