Randox: Investing in jobs in NI

Randox investing in jobs in NI

Job losses across the UK and Europe seem to be gathering momentum, in Northern Ireland many top companies are going through a struggling phase, a swift blow was dealt to the community of Ballymena after 860 job losses were announced in Michelin and with Gallaghers cutting jobs aswell. In the latest job crisis Bombardier has announced 1000 people in Northern Ireland will be made redundant. On Nolan live on Wednesday night the jobs cuts crisis was discussed. Máirtín ó Muilleoir of Sinn Fein discussed the difficulty to compete with low cost economies as they will always undercut Northern Irish companies competing in the manufacturing industry. The jobs that he advised to take are the highly skilled jobs; Randox Laboratories was used as his example.

At our parent company, Randox, they are continually searching for individuals who have the drive and the commitment to join one of the many teams within the global organisation. They require enthusiastic individuals who wish to work in a fast paced, modern industry and those who have the desire to grow and develop their career. For more information go to http://careers.randox.com/