Randox Testing Services: Gold sponsor of 2016 IFDAT conference


The 24th-26th August sees the return of the annual International forum for Drug & Alcohol Testing (IFDAT). IFDAT is a non-profit organization with a board including members from Europe, South America, USA and New Zealand/Australia. Every year they host an annual event where drug testing and related industry professionals come together to discuss the state of global drug and alcohol testing. With such a vast array of board members previous conferences have been held across the globe to reflect the universal spread of members. Past locations for conferences include Rome, Barcelona, Houston, Belfast, Sao Paolo and most recently San Diego in 2015. The Forum’s aim is dedicated to bettering the world-wide drug testing industry. This is achieved from experts all over the world uniting to share their knowledge with the rest of the international community.

The popularity of the conference stems from the wide range of diverse topics open for discussion at the event every year. Various aspects of drug and alcohol testing are discussed in great detail, with each topic having a range of experts in their chosen sector. The topics in this year’s conference have a broad spectrum and are sure to have an appeal to a wide range of attending delegates.

The various sessions look at discussions such as the testing of employees in France, Turkey and New Zealand and debates whether pre-employment and random testing of employees are allowed. Other sessions incorporate the accreditation element and studies the differences in the types of applicable accreditations. One session which is sure to be popular amongst attendees has a legal theme. The session titled Border Transfer: Evolving requirements will discuss the legislation surrounding marijuana. Another session will look at a topic that has been in the news in the past few months. Legal highs continues to divide opinions across the industry due to its unpredictability and widespread availability. Key speakers will deliver their thoughts on this issue, ranging from an intelligence led approach to the detection of Psychoactive Substances, to the use of Synthetic cannabinoid in the USA.

As with all conferences and events there is the opportunity to gain exposure on a global scale in front of a large section of the industry. Randox Testing Services are once again delighted to be a Gold sponsor of the 2016 IFDAT Conference. Along with acting as one of the event sponsors, we will also be taking part in the conference; with one of the sessions this year focusing on drug and alcohol testing in the aviation sector. The session will consist of various industry experts speaking on a range of subjects ranging from an airline perspective on drug and alcohol testing to the new EASA regulations which are due to be implemented. Our General Manager will be a panel member for this session which promises to be highly informative for all attending.

As with every year, IFDAT offers the perfect opportunity for us to reconnect with fellow drug and alcohol testing professional and also engage with other industry experts. The networking opportunities at this event act as a perfect rest-bite to the day sessions. With the event being held in the picturesque city of Stavanger, it has all the makings to be the best IFDAT conference yet.