Randox Testing Services at the heart of new drug driving laws

Randox Testing Services has been working closely with the UK Home Office and other government agencies to shape a tough new drug driving law and the tests needed to enforce it.

The law, which is the biggest shake up of drug driving laws for 85 years, comes in to force in parts of England and Wales on Monday 2nd March 2015. The legislation mirrors drink driving laws and will impose strict new limits on a range of illegal and prescription drugs including near zero tolerance levels for drugs like cannabis and cocaine.

Scientists at Randox Testing Services have developed highly sensitive blood and urine tests, as RTS General Manager Gary McCutcheon explains:

“We’ve been providing forensic toxicology services to police forces across the UK for years – and over the past 18 months we’ve been working with the authorities to create tests which can detect even the smallest amounts of illegal drugs in the bodies of suspected drug drivers. This new technology means that even one smoke of cannabis for example, could be enough to put you over the limit.” 

Previously to proceed with prosecution a motorist had to be proven to be unfit to drive – using roadside impairment tests, now a person whose blood tests positive for one or more of the 16 specified drugs and over a specified limited can be prosecuted. The penalties for drug driving are the same as for drink driving.

Each year it is estimated that 200 people are killed on UK roads as a result of drug driving. Robert Goodwill, Road Safety Minister for England and Wales said:

Drug driving is a menace and this new law will ensure police have the necessary powers to crack down on the dangerous few who continue to risk lives by taking illegal drugs and driving.”

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