The Reality of Alcohol Poisoning on the Human Body

Reality of alcohol poisoning on human body

Alcohol poisoning can occur when an individual partakes in excessive short term drinking. This is often referred to as binge drinking and can severely damage health. According to the NHS, UK researchers have defined that binge drinking involves someone consuming more than 8 units of alcohol in a single session for men & 6 units for woman.

Alcohol Poisoning – What to look for

Many people aren’t fully aware of the signs and symptoms they should look for in someone who is suffering from alcohol poisoning. Below you can see what to look out for:

• Confusion
• Loss of co-ordination
• Poor sense of direction
• Extreme vomiting
• Irregular or slow breathing
• Speech defects
• Passing out or taking stupor (conscious but unresponsive to light & sound)

What are the risks?

Many people across the UK & Europe aren’t aware of the effects the misuse of alcohol can have on their health. Research has found that on average the human liver can process one standard drink per hour, however, this differs depending on gender, body mass and blood volume to alcohol ratio level. Each time alcohol is consumed the human liver filters it out into the blood stream, which then makes its way around the body and is absorbed quickly.

Those who regularly drink will have a higher tolerance to alcohol but in the long run they appear to have a higher risk of chronic health problems. For example, the NHS stated that in the most severe cases of alcohol poisoning it can lead to individuals appearing in a coma state, brain damage & death.

Alcohol attacks the body’s central nervous system, it then slows down the brain & the body. Individuals that are poisoned by alcohol could suffer some of the below threats:

• Heart problems such as a heart attack & heart disease
• Asphyxiation in some cases caused by choking on vomit
• Inhalation of vomit which can cause damage to the lungs
• Dehydration that can lead to damage to the human brain
• Seizures caused by lowered blood sugar levels

What to do?

In many cases of alcohol poisoning, people aren’t aware of what to do: Seek medical help!

Many cases of alcohol poisoning in the UK are caused from excessive drinking. So if this occurs make sure that affected individuals are not left alone. They need to be kept awake and upright. Provide them with water to keep them hydrated, keep them warm whilst monitoring their symptoms and if they appear to worsen or pass out, put them in the recovery position and monitor their breathing until medical help arrives.

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