Support Services for Workplace Testing

Support Services for Workplace Testing

At Randox Testing Services, our ability to provide a wide range of products to carry out workplace drug and alcohol testing is just one part of what we do. However our drug and alcohol testing products are just one facet of what we can provide to companies seeking to implement working testing.

Alongside our drug and alcohol testing products, we provide a range of services to guarantee complete and comprehensive testing solutions to meet your needs.

Substance Misuse Policy Review

To ensure our customers are in a position to implement a comprehensive workplace substance misuse testing policy, we conduct a full review of any relevant policies that are already in place. We offer this service free of charge to customers. This is the first step in our process and checks that all wording and descriptions are relevant and accurate.

Once the policy has been reviewed and if necessary amended, recommendations can be made as to how the changes can be implemented. In some cases, a presentation from a Randox Testing Services representative may be necessary to explain the changes and what they mean to all staff.

Training & Education

Our training courses ensure employer confidence to carry out workplace drug and alcohol testing and management competence in enforcing the processes. All training courses are fully documented, regularly reviewed and include and assessment of the effectiveness of training. Additionally, all attendees are provided with a certificate at the end of each completed training course.

Educational seminars offer a chance for the topic of drugs and alcohol to be discussed. This opens up a learning experience for employers and their employees and can be beneficial for not only the workplace but each individual taking part.

Our Training and Education Courses Include:

Drug and Alcohol Management Awareness Training

Aims to provide managers and supervisors with an understanding of drugs and alcohol and a practical knowledge of substance abuse in the workplace.

Chain of Custody Training

Empowers employers to conduct their own sample collections on-site with the same accuracy and precision as a Randox Testing Services Collection Officer.

We also offer various other services which assist companies in the implementation of workplace testing. Account management and various management information reports enable your company to receive as much information as possible about the testing being carried out, and detailed reports allow management to see the effects of workplace testing on your business.

About Randox Testing Services

At Randox Testing Services we aim to provide the best possible service to our customers. Whether this is by providing testing to a wide range of clients, or supporting companies with their workplace testing efforts; it is our goal to ensure workplaces are drug and alcohol free.

If you would like more information about any of our drug or alcohol testing products or how we can meet the needs of your business through our tailored services, please contact us using any of the below methods.



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