Training and Education Services

At Randox Testing Services we believe that employees and employers can benefit from effective training and education programs. We work with companies across a range of different industries to facilitate implementation of workplace drug and alcohol testing.

All of our training programmes are conducted by our own in-house experts who have a wealth of knowledge and experience within workplace drug and alcohol testing. This expertise can be invaluable to a company who has, or is considering implementing a workplace drug and alcohol policy, or for a company who just wants their staff to be better informed.

Drug and Alcohol Management Awareness Training

Drug and alcohol awareness training aims to provide managers and supervisors with an understanding of drugs and alcohol and a practical knowledge of substance abuse in the workplace.

Our drug and alcohol management training is beneficial in providing management with the knowledge to identify the signs of drug abuse or alcohol misuse and helps them to recognise substance abuse issues before workplace incidents occur.

Collection Officer and Chain of Custody Training

Collection officer and chain of custody training allows employers to conduct their own sample collections on-site with the same accuracy and precision as a Randox Testing Services collector.

It ensures that the integrity, confidentiality and traceability of samples are maintained. Chain of custody training is essential for those wishing to conduct their own sample collection as it ensures procedures used are able to withstand legal cross-examination.


Our educational services offer a chance for the topic of drugs and alcohol to be discussed in an open forum. This opens up a learning experience and allows individuals to ask our experts questions and learn more about the issues substance misuse can cause.

It is also a good opportunity for companies who have implemented a workplace drug and alcohol testing policy to invite in a third party, knowledgeable speaker to discuss the finer details of the policy with the work force. This helps increase employee buy in and furthers understanding.

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If you would like to avail of any of our education or training services please contact and we will connect you with your local Business Development Executive. You can also access some of our training resources for free by visiting our download wall: