Trimega loss to hair drug testing highlights need for stability – Randox

Randox aims to restore stability for family law solicitors and social services

Trimega entering administration will leave many family law solicitors and child protection authorities in a state of flux according to Randox Testing Services, a leading drug & alcohol testing company.

The majority of hair testing is carried out within the family law and child protection sectors, as a means of analysing and monitoring drug use within parents or other carers. Compared with other matrices, such as saliva or urine, hair gives a much longer-term picture of drug-use, allowing authorities to form a more complete picture of a person’s compliance or behaviour.

Randox Testing Services Global Manager Gary McCutcheon explained, “Hair-testing has experienced a period of flux recently, with one of the largest firms Trimega entering administration, and another shifting their operations. Clients such as solicitors, social services & child protection authorities require stability, technical expertise and reliability. Already providing forensic toxicology services to over half the UK police services, and our customer support infrastructure means we are confident anyone looking for a provider will have a smooth transition.”

Restoring confidence to the drug & alcohol testing sector

“As part of the global Randox Group employing 1300 people and trading in 145 countries our experience draws from the wider business’ 30 year expertise in the clinical diagnostic and testing sector.”

“Obviously family law solicitors and local councils will be concerned about the impact the collapse of Trimega will have on caseloads involving hair testing. That is why it is essential to restore confidence to the sector and reassure those affected by Trimega’s exit that the industry including Randox stands ready to support them and minimise any hiatus.”

Randox Testing Services encompass a state of the art, dedicated testing laboratory with all the latest technology to offer a comprehensive test menu and validated pathology results to both business and public clients worldwide. Working independently and through collaborations, Randox Testing Services can offer a range of services to accommodate all testing needs from Veterinary to Occupational Health.

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