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Randox Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

Randox Testing Services offers the most comprehensive drugs of abuse and alcohol testing currently on the market. A market leader in the forensic toxicology and drug and alcohol testing industry, and selected as an elite service provider on the UK Home Office’s National Forensic Framework, we provide solutions for workplaces with safety critical roles, the medico-legal sector and police forces.

Randox Testing Services encompass a state of the art, dedicated laboratory with cutting-edge testing technology to provide drug and alcohol testing solutions to customers across the UK, Ireland & Europe. Aviation, maritime and construction are only some of the global workplace industries we serve.

A part of Randox Laboratories, we draw from 30 years’ experience in the diagnostic industry. We are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and to UKAS standard and operate full chain of custody procedures for drugs of abuse screening.

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