“Randox Testing Services are my first point of call for the varying drug and alcohol testing services we use as a Council. They strive in their customer service and they are always willing to take on comments on how we believe they could improve their service. For example, within the reports we receive from Randox, we thought it would be useful for them to provide comparisons on whether the positive results received for some drug groups were indicative of low/medium/high use compared to studies, and they altered the reports they provide to us to include this information (for those drug groups where they are able to provide this sort of information – not all drug groups can be interpreted in this way, and they clearly state this on the reports). We find this most useful as we are not experts in the field and having numbers on a chart isn’t very useful; it is good to be able to compare whether a person’s actual use is what they have declared, so we can work with them in pre-proceedings in the most effective way.”

— Gloucestershire County Council

About Us

“ABP has been in contract with Randox Drug and Testing Services for a number of years and makes use of their random testing and with-cause testing services as part of our Drug & Alcohol Policy. We find that Randox Drug and Testing Services have reliable and competent collector staff and they deliver a speedy turnaround of results.

— ABP Lurgan

“Randox Drug and Alcohol Testing Services provide Ryanair with a professional and proficient service for workplace drug and alcohol testing. They provide efficient support when scheduling tests and retrieving results. We find that they have reliable and experienced collection staff and a customer support network which offers excellent advice and guidance. Randox Drug and Alcohol Testing Services offer a quality service specific to our company’s needs and always delivers an informative and thorough response to our queries. We receive an exceptional testing provision consistent with our drug testing policy. Ryanair look forward to continuing our working relationship with Randox Drug and Alcohol Testing Services.”

— Lorna Reynolds – Human Resources Manager, Ryanair

“Great communication and a reliable, fast service.”

— KK Law Solicitors

“Randox Drug and Alcohol Testing Services provide Lagan Construction with an efficient service for workplace drug and alcohol testing. We have found them to be reliable and deliver a prompt turnaround of clear and concise reports. Assistance is always available when required and they have always been flexible with our requests. Randox Drug and Alcohol Testing Services offer a service specific to our needs and I am confident that they follow a strict Chain of Custody procedure at all times.”

— Lagan Construction

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