Why Test for Alcohol?

Alcohol misuse and excessive or chronic alcohol consumption can be a danger to the person consuming the alcohol as well as their family, friends and work colleagues. As a result, testing for alcohol abuse and recent or excessive alcohol consumption is required across various sectors including business and family law. Across these sectors there are huge ramifications of alcohol abuse for all involved and the detection of positive results is crucial.

Alcohol Testing for the General Public

A test for alcohol abuse may be sought by a family member or friend who suspects their loved one is suffering from chronic or excessive alcohol consumption. We ensure accurate and precise results with strict chain of custody procedures, and guarantee patient confidentiality with our safe and secure screening procedure.

Family Law Alcohol Testing

Alcohol abuse testing, or tests to determine alcohol abstinence, may be required in family court cases relating to child custody or child protection. The sensitive nature of such care proceedings requires alcohol testing which is confidential and secure, as well as ensuring accurate results. At Randox Testing Services we are a trusted provider of alcohol testing and are recognised as a high quality brand; our alcohol testing solutions offer precise results due to our stringent screening procedure, and guarantee patient confidentiality.

Workplace Alcohol Testing

Alcohol testing is conducted by many employers to protect the health and safety of their employees, as well as to ensure legal compliance and security of the business. Testing for alcohol abuse is particularly important in industries where there is a higher risk of safety to employees, customers, and the general public. The consequence of an incident occurring in such industries can be fatal. As a result we provide alcohol testing solutions to a variety of industries with various types of workplace testing to ensure testing solutions guaranteed to meet your needs.

Alcohol Testing

Our Alcohol Testing Services

Randox Testing Services offers high quality alcohol testing for business owners and family law solicitors. Renowned for reliability our alcohol testing services ensure confidence in results and testing to suit your needs. Understanding of the impact a positive test can have for an individual and the stress that waiting on results can have for all involved, we ensure speedy alcohol testing with a fast turnaround time for results.

Alcohol Testing Methods

At Randox Testing Services we utilize a variety of alcohol testing methods including a breath test and urine test; with a different detection window for each, our alcohol testing solutions offer flexibility and choice. In addition each of these methods offers a fast and simple method of sample collection and is non-invasive to ensure comfort of the sample donor.

Benefits of Randox Testing Services

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Randox Testing Services also provides drug testing to determine the abuse of over 50 different drugs

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