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Importance of Drug & Alcohol testing - Family Law

Drug abuse can have serious ramifications for a person, business or family. Aside from legal consequences, drug abuse can have a huge impact on the personal life of the user, their family and their friends. As a result drug testing may be required for numerous reasons across various workplace industries.

Randox Testing Services offer a wide range of products to enable you to carry out on-site drug and alcohol testing for instant results. Our products are specifically designed to test for drug abuse or alcohol misuse and include a selection of user friendly devices and instant test kits. In addition, we offer a selection of collection devices and confirmatory kits which can be used by you to collect samples to send to our laboratory staff for confirmatory analysis.

Our tests include a range of simple to use methods such as breathalysers, urine collection cups and oral fluid swabs. Having these multiple methods are your disposal gives you more control when it comes to collecting your samples.

Our range of instant tests can provide results for up to 14 common drugs of abuse from one sample. This gives you the ability to select what you want to test for, allowing testing to be flexible and reactive. All of our devices are CE marked for quality, assuring that your results are reliable and accurate.

Randox Testing Services

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