Randox Testing Services: Point of Care Testing 2/2

Oral Fluid Test Kits

We offer a range of saliva drug tests for on-site immediate results. Our oral fluid kits are used to test for a variety of drugs of abuse including cocaine and opiates. They enable you to collect and analyse samples on-site for instant test results at the point of collection.

The oral fluid test kits detect for up to 10 drugs, are CE marked and the swab locks into the device for a tamper evident and air tight seal. The sponge saturation indicator strip in the collection swab changes colour once the sponge contains sufficient saliva and the make-up of the kit ensures superior accuracy and sensitivity.

Urine Test Kits

Randox Testing Services offers instant urine drug test kits for on-site drug testing. These kits enable you to carry out sample collection, analysis and give an indication of results at point of sample collection. Our range of urine drug testing kits consists of integrated test panels, from 5 to 14 drug classes, complete with collection cup. They can test urine samples for a variety of drugs of abuse and provide instant results at the point of sample collection.

The urine kits contain a tamper-proof strip insert and a robust cup with a wide aperture and secure lid. There are individual chambers which eliminates drug interpretation confusion with results in as little as 2 minutes. The samples collected can be used for subsequent laboratory confirmation testing and the urine kits are CE marked.


We use and supply a range of alcohol testing products to enable on-site testing for immediate results. Our breathalysers have been UK home office approved, they are legally defensible and used in workplaces and police services across the world. They are designed to meet the unique and rigorous requirements of evidential breath testing to ensure accurate results, and are complete with user friendly features to ensure a reliable instrument for all your testing needs.

We can offer a range of bespoke packages to suit your needs. These include the options to purchase a device outright or to rent/lease devices in a fully managed service where we deal with all maintenance and calibration issues, ensuring you have a calibrated device at your disposal at all times. We can also supply dry calibration gas with a 5 year shelf life if required. The breathalysers offer immediate results, ease of use, they are reliable and robust and also offer a passive testing capability for high volume testing without the need for mouthpieces.

Randox Testing Services

For more information on our range of point of care products contact us at testingservices@randox.com or alternatively call in to speak to one of our experts on 0 161 741 2760.