Randox Testing Services Posidonia Review

Posidonia 2016 Review

Posidonia, the world’s most prestigious maritime conference took place between 6th – 10th June and for the first time Randox Testing Services attended. The event played host to around 20,00 attendees and 1800 exhibitors from all areas of the maritime industry. For us, this was a key part of our events calendar and we were extremely happy with how our products and services were received.

Events like this are very important for us to make contacts and introduce ourselves to a new audience. Our stand gained a lot of interest through the duration of the week as more and more delegates identified us as offering a service that was not particuarly well represented at the event, even though there is a huge need for it in the maritime industry.

Within any workplace health and safety is of paramount importance, with companies doing all they can to protect their employees and stakeholders. The maritime industry is no different. In fact, it could be argued that it is even more critical due to the size of fleets, cargo and the dangers that the sea brings. The changing environment, motion, vibration, sun, wind and spray all add to the perils of working at sea. If you add drugs and/or alcohol in to this mix it can only increase the already numerous risks.

There are of course already measures in place with various organisations such as the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) regulating the industry – but many companies are being proactive in ensuring these regulations are kept. Our point of care services such as breathlysers and instant urine / oral tests make it easy for maritime companies to test for alcohol and numerous drugs with only one sample. For more information on our point of care products click here and for our services, click here.

Before the event our goals where to make a lot of good contacts and gain further insight into the maritime industry. We certainly did that and look forward to following up our leads and progressing more within this industry.