The Benefits of Back to Lab Testing

Benefits of back to lab testing

Randox Testing Services offers high quality drug testing with use of our revolutionary Biochip Array Technology specifically optimised for drugs of abuse testing. This technology allows multiplex testing of different drugs from one sample and offers test consolidation for comprehensive testing at an affordable price.

With a comprehensive drugs of abuse test menu we are able to test for a range of different drugs. Drug testing packages can be customised to include multiple different drugs to test per sample.

Oral Fluid Testing

An oral fluid test can detect drugs for up to 48 hours after consumption. Providing analysis of short-term drug abuse, an oral fluid drug test is used by employers conducting for-cause and post-incident testing, as well as medico-legal solicitors who may require testing for abstinence of drugs.

An oral fluid test consists of obtaining a saliva sample from between the cheek and gums to analyse traces of drugs. This sample method is reliable due to the high concentrations of drug components which remain in the oral cavity for a period of time after drug consumption. Sample collection is taken quickly, easily and is non-invasive. The sample collection is also observed which ensures samples are not tampered with.

Our drug testing methods ensure fast and simple sample collection. We have a variety of non-invasive methods for patient comfort including use of a urine sample, hair strand or oral fluid sample to test for specified drugs. Utilisation of different testing methods also ensures flexibility of drug abuse profiling with the ability to offer short-term drug abuse profiling via oral fluid and urine testing, long-term drug abuse profiling via hair testing or a combination of both.

Urine Testing

A urine test offers short-term detection of substance abuse. Alcohol is detectable in urine for less than 12 hours, and a urine drug test can detect traces of drugs from between 4 hours and up to 8 days (this may be extended for regular cannabis users to around 30 days). It is often used in a combination with hair testing to provide an enhanced time-line for drug and alcohol detection; therefore allowing analysis of chronic substance abuse.

As a simple and practical method it is used as the most common sample type for workplace drug and alcohol testing. It is also utilised when conducting family law testing to ensure no alcohol intake by someone who has been forbidden to consume alcohol by a court of law or someone who is on a drugs or alcohol rehabilitation program.

A urine test consists of gaining a urine sample from the individual securely. Due to the nature of the urine sample being deposited privately by the sample donor, measures need to be taken to ensure the sample is not tampered with. At Randox Testing Services samples are collected under strict chain of custody protocols to guarantee sample integrity for legally defensible testing. We also increase accuracy of results by testing for creatinine which is a simple method of testing the authenticity of the sample given and reduces false-negative results giving you confidence in these testing methods.

Hair Testing

Hair testing is a long-term substance abuse profiling with a detection window of 90+ days. It is commonly used by recruiters and employers conducting pre-employment screening and is the most common sample type used for substance abuse assessment in child protection and medico-legal cases.
Hair testing involves taking a hair stand sample from an individual to detect if and approximately when someone has consumed drugs or alcohol. A 3cm sample is generally used to obtain a longer analysis of substance abuse.

When a drug is taken it is absorbed into the blood stream and circulated around the body. As a result it is incorporated into the hair follicle meaning that as the hair grows, drugs are transferred into the hair strand. It can take up to 2 weeks for drug components to enter the hair and therefore analysis of a 3cm sample is recommended.

Analysis of the hair strand allows traces of drugs to be detected to provide an overall picture of drug abuse or a month by month analysis. Segmentation of the hair sample to provide a detailed month-on-month view is advantageous as it can highlight trends of drug use and identify periods of abstinence or high level use. Body hair can be used in special circumstances however segmentation into a month by month analysis is not possible.

Randox Testing Services

Through utilising innovative multiplex drug and alcohol screening methods as well as LC/GC mass spectrometry confirmatory analysis our complete service guarantees reliable and accurate results.

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